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ACQUIP Inc, formerly ACQUIP Rotating Equipment Solutions; is an American mechanical engineering company headquartered in Miami, Florida that provides services for laser alignment, dimensional metrology and 3D scanning services. The services are specialized for power generation, aerospace, marine, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Field services engineer Damian Josefsberg, founded ACQUIP Inc, on April 9, 2003, initially to provide laser alignment on marine equipment. In August 30, 2011, it was introduced as ACQUIP Rotating Equipment Solutions to include services to heavy industrial machinery ( gas & steam turbines), and was renamed as ACQUIP Accurate | Precise | Trusted August 13, 2015 to make it relevant to the added applications within its portfolio of services related to 3D Measurements and Scanning Surveys.

A decade later, ACQUIP acquired the expertise and capability to perform laser alignment and metrology services on a wide range of rotating equipment and applications. ACQUIP has expanded its offerings to include extensive services on laser alignment and 3D dimensioning, developed into four divisions: Marine, Rentals, Training and Services.

On July 2014, ACQUIP unveiled the magnetic base for curved surfaces (The MAGIE) at the Coordinate Metrology Society Conference (CMSC), which allows the user to affix 3D measurement equipment to uneven, curved, or areas that were previously inaccessible.