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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Acquiescently \Ac`qui*es"cent*ly\, adv. In an acquiescent manner.


adv. In an acquiescent manner.

Usage examples of "acquiescently".

A third white-collar type, somewhat less simmering, came up to Disa, nodded acquiescently, hit the call bell, and signaled for an escort.

She went acquiescently with Demira, who immediately began to bubble over, "I have thought about you so much, Deoris!

Dudley was still for a minute and then, moving her head acquiescently, turned and walked deliberately across the kitchen to a farther doorway.

Rodriguez smiled acquiescently and mine host withdrew, and presently leaving Morano whom his master's voice had waked, to curl up on the floor in a corner, Rodriguez took the candle that lit the room and passed once more through the passages of the inn and down the great corridor of the fastness of the family that had fallen on evil days, and so came to his chamber.