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Acoma may refer to:

  • Acoma (beetle) , a scarab beetle genus of subfamily Melolonthinae
  • Acoma Pueblo, a Native American pueblo
  • Acoma Township, McLeod County, Minnesota, United States
  • , more than one ship of the United States Navy

Usage examples of "acoma".

Warlord and his guests departed Acoma lands than Mara had embarked on a new plan to strengthen her house.

The Minwanabi might be licking their wounds, but Mara had additional enemies now, lords jealous of her sudden rise, men who knew that the Acoma name rested upon the shoulders of this slender woman and her infant heir.

But for a rival house to know that Mara had chosen to go personally to the slave market bespoke the presence of an informant very highly placed in Acoma ranks.

The Lady paused, her stomach turned cold by the thought that if she was struck down here, her year-old son, Ayaki, would be the last obstacle to the obliteration of the Acoma name.

Lujan maintained correct bearing to the finest detail, but like any in the Acoma household, he had a personal interest in Hokanu.

Shinzawai have shown the Acoma much kindness and, in honour, it is time that we proved ourselves worthy.

And Buntokapi of the Anasati, an ill-mannered, coarse braggart at the best of times, had been the son of an Acoma enemy before he had become her husband and Ruling Lord.

The Lady of the Acoma had always attracted him, from the moment he had first seen her.

Now, as the Acoma retinue passed between the overcrowded tenements, the spicy, smoke-scented air that issued from the dens of the drug-flower sellers became prevalent.

In truth, she could be as stubborn as the barbarian slaves, and rather than try her further, the Acoma Strike Leader called off the warrior who held the redhead down.

The Acoma cow already has the upper hand and she continues to grow stronger.

Mara had secured more prestige for the Acoma than they had known in their long, honourable history.

Sunlight streamed through the tree branches within the largest of the Acoma gardens, painting patches of light upon the ground.

Under his detailed management, Acoma wealth had multiplied, but he preferred progress in small, secure steps, avoiding the dramatic gambles that appealed to Mara.

Today Jican fidgeted less than usual, which the Lady of the Acoma attributed to the news that the cho-ja silk makers had begun their spinning.