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Acle is a small market town on the River Bure on The Norfolk Broads in Norfolk, located halfway between Norwich and Great Yarmouth. It has the only bridge across the River Bure between Wroxham and Great Yarmouth. There is a high school ( Acle Academy) in the town.

The civil parish has an area of 9.46 square kilometres (3.7 sq. miles) and in 2001 had a population of 2732 in 1214 households, increasing to a population of 2,824 in 1,285 households at the Census 20911. For the purposes of local government, the parish falls within the area of the district of Broadland.

The name "Acle" means "oaks lea", that is, a clearing in an oak forest. In Tudor times, hundreds of oaks were felled here for timber to construct Elizabeth I's warships.

Usage examples of "acle".

The Admiral, with the wrong end of a paint-brush, was tracing the curling blue line that marked the River Bure past the mouth of the Ant and on to the place where it was joined by the Thurne, and the blue line thickened and curled away down the map towards Acle and Yarmouth.

And at Acle Bridge there are always lookers-on, waiting to enjoy the misfortunes of the unskilled.

It seemed to Tom that she must have forgotten that every minute's sailing was bringing them nearer not only to Acle but to Yarmouth and Breydon, racing tides and every kind of possible disaster.

This was not at all like steering in the gentle streams and easy tides that run above Acle Bridge.

Sir Garnet had left Acle Bridge astern of her, and was sailing once more.

It was one thing just to take a lift on a friendly wherry as far as Acle, or even as far as Stokesby, but here they were sailing on farther and farther from home with every minute and not knowing what was before them.

And if we get up to Acle before dark, we can easily get to Horning next day, before breakfast if somebody wakes us up.

They heard how, at Acle, Joe and Pete had learnt that Bill had made a mistake about the day, and that the Margoletta was coming down to Yarmouth at low water on the very day that the Teasel had planned to come through.

Now you propose to use the pretext of Citizen Translucent's absence to renege on the Or -- acle again?

In November '73, by letters issued at Gergeaule, we appointed you keeper of the wood of Vincennes, in the room of Gilbert Acle, esquire.