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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

British oral code for letter A in wireless and telephone communication, 1898; hence ack-ack "anti-aircraft" (gun, fire, etc.).


alt. (context internet English) An acknowledgement either of a packet or a message received from a network. n. (context internet English) An acknowledgement either of a packet or a message received from a network.


Ack or ACK may refer to:

  • Acklington railway station, a rail station in the United Kingdom
  • Acknowledgement (data networks), a signal to acknowledge the receipt of data
  • Acknowledge character, a control character used in ASCII
  • Aka-Kora language, an extinct Great Andamanese language
  • Amar Chitra Katha, an Indian comic book series
  • Amsterdam Compiler Kit, a fast, lightweight and retargetable compiler suite
  • Anglican Church of Kenya
  • Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8, an early aircraft known as the "Big Ack"
  • Assumption College, Kilmore
  • Nantucket Airlines, an American airline
  • Nantucket Memorial Airport, a Massachusetts airport
  • ACK, a flag used in the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) to acknowledge receipt of a packet
  • "Ack ack", from signalese for AA, referring to anti-aircraft artillery fire
  • ACK or ACK1 is a synonym for TNK2

Usage examples of "ack".

Kathy Acker and William Burroughs, exemplary postmodern thinkers by virtue of their literary fictions, are frequently present in these pages as well.

Kathy Acker, for general inspiration, and for introducing me to DOOM PATROL.

Casey Acker, the human resources drone who was conducting her latest in a series of interviews with the Umbrella Corporation.

Evans, Liz Lobaugh, Mary MaterHarris, Bill Acker, William Darner, Dolly Kelleway, Gary Lotano, Paul Schlossbach, PLS.

So I turned to the chelloveck nearest me on the big plush seat that ran right round the whole mesto, a chelloveck, that is, who was burbling away under the influence, and I fisted him real skorry ack ack ack in the belly.

The bomb-throwing marauders disabled several ack emplacements and others were overwhelmed by squadrons which swooped below the level of the tower tops and thus out of range, then swarmed upward to attack the crews with their hooks and spears.

Gatewood, in his book Smoked Yankees and the Struggle for Empire, reproduces and analyzes 114 letters to Negro newspapers written by bl ack soldiers in the period 1898-1902.

A rock group, the Sonic Youth, dubbed themselves cyberpunks and featured a song called "The Sprawl" on their album, Daydream Nation (1988), while Kathy Acker, the postpunk godmother of the London fiction scene, wrote that parts of her novel, Empire of the Senseless (1988), are directly "ripped off" from Neuromancer.

I sure had a helluva lot more time for three ack emma discussions back then, and a lot more energy.

Bertie, would your kitchen service extend to breakfast in bed about ten ack emma?

One of the crew--probably Woff, but Sisko did not see who--operated the appropriate controls and the image on the viewer changed, revealing an incredible tableau the overmatched transports were att acking the Marauder again.