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n. (context obsolete English) The full attention of one's sight, hearing or other senses, as directed towards a particular object.

Usage examples of "acies".

The gusts grew stronger, throwing Acies up against the wall and holding him there.

Dragged by the scruff of the neck, Leif stared at the carnage wide-eyed as Acies whistled and shouted something in a strange tongue.

Azareel went inside to purchase rooms while Acies led the horses to the stable.

They walked through the tunnels, Azareel leading and Acies in the back.

Azareel limping, but supporting Acies who seemed to have had a bad time of it.

Spasming, Acies moaned in pain as broken bones knit themselves together and bruises faded.

They soon made introductions and Acies explained to the elf why they were in the mines.

Beckoning his companions, Acies led them through the forest, keen eyes searching for something.

It carried the boy to a smaller form that Acies could easily pick out with his keen eyes.

It lies in a narrow defile of the valley of the Acis, and extends up it to Acies Castle.

Conversely, the hetmans of the mountain tribes and the landowners of the region who wish to ship their wool and corn to the southern towns bring them to take boat at Thrax, below the cataract that roars through the arched spillway of Acies Castle.

There is also the resemblance of the plan of the city to the blade of such a knife, the curve of the defile corresponding to the curve of the blade, the River Acis to the central rib, Acies Castle to the point, and the Capulus to the line at which the steel vanishes into the haft.

I reached Acies Castle, having walked almost the entire length of the city.

Nest stood ran almost due south, it would be quicker to continue along it and cross the Acis lower down than to retrace the steps Dorcas and I had already taken and go back to the foot of the postern wall of Acies Castle.

It felt better to wear out my frustrations by the use of my legs, and so I resolved to follow the capering street to the top if need be and see the Vincula and Acies Castle from that height, and then to show my badge of office to the guards at the fortifications there and walk along them to the Capulus and so cross the river by the lowest way.