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Acidava (Acidaua) was a Dacian and later Roman fortress on the Olt river near the lower Danube. The settlements remains are located in today's Enoşeşti, Olt County, Romania.

After the Roman conquest of Dacia by Roman Emperor Trajan, Acidava became a civilian and military center, with castra being built in the area. Acidava was part of the Limes Alutanus, a line of fortifications built under emperor Hadrian running north-south along the Alutus - the Olt river. The function of the limes was to monitor the Roxolani to the east and deter any possible attacks.

Acidava is depicted in the Tabula Peutingeriana between Romula and Rusidava. The same document depicts a second Acidava, between Cedoniae and Apula, but some authors believe it is actually a copy error and the correct name is Sacidava, another Dacian town.

Acidava (castra)

Castra Acidava was a fort in the Roman province of Dacia. The toponym is attested in the Peutinger Table.