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n. (plural of ach English)


ACHS may refer to:

American schools:

  • Adolfo Camarillo High School,Camarillo, California
  • Allen Central High School, Eastern, Kentucky
  • American Canyon High School, American Canyon, California
  • Antioch Community High School, Antioch, Illinois
  • Argo Community High School, Summit, Illinois
  • Arlington Catholic High School, Arlington, Massachusetts
  • Atlantic City High School, Atlantic City, New Jersey

Other uses:

  • Association of College Honor Societies

Usage examples of "achs".

That oughtta put at least a little something in your stom achs for the drive up to Jon's.

They say Countess Fanny was parading the hill to behold the splendid view, always admired so much by foreigners, with their Achs and Hechs!