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Harun al Raschid returned to his very distant land where the populace did indeed enjoy a never-ending series of fart jokes, and Sinbad and Fatima were returned to human form after a most enjoyable apehood, and then were accompanied back to Baghdad by Achmed and his new bride, Marjanah, and all were showered with gifts from that elder Sinbad, who was rich again, at least for the time being, and was much relieved to see them.

When she first married Ashe and moved to Navarne Achmed found to his shock that he missed her Lirin sunrise aubades and sunset devotions as well, the love songs of her people, sung to the heavens and the stars they had been born beneath, ceremonies she had marked daily all the time that he had known her.

Achmed kept his back to the ceramicist long enough for Omet to count ten beats of his own heart.

Oelendra first, then Rial, as she made her way across the circular room to where Achmed was waiting.

Rhapsody hugged Oelendra first, then Rial, as she made her way across the circular room to where Achmed was waiting.

Achmed answered as a stream of Bolgish profanities rumbled over the heath.

I can do, she thought as she sheathed her sword, hurrying to catch up with Achmed and the boys.

Well, when I refused point blank to marry Achmed -and you must bear in mind that this was at the start of the month of Ramadan with the wedding only weeks away, for it was to be celebrated at the same time as the feast of Bid al-Fitr which marks the end of our fast--Raschid did not attempt to argue or reason with me.

Achmed rode to the entranceway and seized the banner, affixing it to hi own riding staff.

Achmed to look in on Elysian when he got back, to make sure the house and gardens were all right and such.

Crown Prince left no legitimately recognized heir, a Colloquium is summoned by invitation to address the absence of a line of succession to the Throne of the Dark Earth, issued to the Lord and Lady Cymrian, sovereigns of the Alliance to which Sorbold is a sealed ally, as well as rulers of bordering nations, namely His Majesty, King Achmed of Ylorc, Her Majesty, Rhapsody, Queen of Tyrian, Lord Tristan Steward, Regent of Roland, and Viedekam, Administrator of the Nonaligned States as well as representatives of the Church, the Nobility, the Mercantile and the Army, to convene directly after the burial during the Period of Mourning, eleven days hence.

Achmed, who was sulking, had haughtily withdrawn himself, so the rest of them pooled their memories and guidebooks, and found that the tablet was a copy of the cuneiform alphabet of Ras Shamra, one of the oldest alphabets in the world.

The Achmed Ben Nutti diplomatic passport from the United Arab League was on top of the pile.

Achmed Ben Nutti was the United Arab League name I had been travelling under and had passports for.

Around and around Scarlet and Achmed whirled while the trumpets blasted and the steel guitars whined, turning ever more daring pas de deux, whirling, tapping, stamping, as the applause mounted.