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n. A spicy and salty pickle of Indian cuisine.


Achar may refer to:

  • Achaar, a word for pickles in Indo-Aryan languages in India and Pakistan regions
  • Acar, Dutch/Indonesian pickle
  • Achar people, an ethnographic group of Georgians
  • Achar or Achan (biblical figure), an Israelite referred to in the Book of Joshua and the First Book of Chronicles
  • Achar, Uruguay, a town in the Tacuarembó Department of Uruguay
  • Achar!, a 2004–2005 Singaporean English-language sitcom
  • Achar (crater), a craters on Mars

Usage examples of "achar".

Ravensbund as he ruled the rest of Achar, but as far as the Ravensbundmen knew or cared, the Achar King had as much control over them as he did over the Forbidden.

He would only feel safe if he commanded ultimate power over all of Achar, if he sat the throne itself.

There were also troops still stationed in Achar that Borneheld could command.

Through his mother, Rivkah, once Princess of Achar, Axis was second in line to the Acharite throne behind Borneheld.

Or were they even now massing for a devastating assault on Achar through Ichtar?

Belial, Magariz, if I cannot find her then we may as well turn our backs and let Gorgrael occupy the whole of Tencendoror Achar, as you still call it.

Beltide, celebrate that with you, and then return to Achar for a time.

He was planning to throw the Strike Force at Gorgrael immediately after Beltide in revenge for the Yuletide attack, while a contrary rumor had Axis planning to drive south and capture Achar for the Icarii first.

Axis SunSoar, son of the Princess Rivkah of Achar and of my brother, StarDrifter SunSoar, Enchanter.

Jayme has read your reports and listened to the news from the north of Achar with growing alarm.

If Priam were to ally himself with Axis and his ungodly hordes, then the Forbidden could invade Achar and all would be lost.

Fernbrake Lake, one of the four magical lakes in Achar, lay deep in the Bracken Ranges far to the south of the Avarinheim, and the Avar people had to travel secretly through the hostile Skarabost Plains to reach the lake they called the Mother.

His plans would have to be drastically altered if Achar remained in the grip of ice.

Now the brothers would tear Achar apart in their hatred for each other, tear it apart until finally they stood sword to sword in the Chamber of the Moons.

Clouds of war hung over Achar, and in times such as these, haste was called for.