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Usage examples of "aceta".

Onol of Aceta, to imagine myself a grown man with a job to do, not in a business suit in the rusty dusty America of 1964, but a man with a sword and diadem, inspecting the fabulous mines of Aceta, the City on the Mountain, on a vast, faraway world you could see most nights as a brilliant diamond gleam in the sky, Onol of Jupiter.

I were walking side by side now, talking about Aceta, the Cenons, and stuff, making changes in how the story went to suit the new ideas we had, which were displacing old elementary school stuff.

Toed off my Keds, pulled off my socks, unbuckled my sword harness and dropped my shorts on the ground, pulled off my T-shirt with the Device of Aceta blazoned in magic marker, and stood there in my tight, white, Johnny Weismuller briefs.

Onol of Aceta, calmly washing up in the death chamber of O-Mai the Cruel.

I gestured around, raising my arm toward far Aceta, glittering like quicksilver on its mountain.

Are we Alendar and Raitearyon again, or will it be Kantol Hav of Lansinar and Onol of Aceta, this time?

I thought that Hannibal had succeeded not by aceto, but aceta, which in the Latin of Padua might well be the same as ascia.

Livy did not say aceto which means vinegar, but aceta which means axe" In April 1791, Casanova wrote to Carlo Grimani at Venice, stating that he felt he had committed a great fault in publishing his libel, 'Ne amori ne donne', and very humbly begging his pardon.