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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Acer \Acer\ n. 1. 1 type genus of the Aceraceae; trees or shrubs having winged fruit.

Syn: genus Acer


n. (obsolete spelling of acre English)


Acer may refer to:

  • Acer (plant), the genus of trees and shrubs commonly known as maples
  • Acer Inc., a Taiwan-based multinational computer company
  • Acer Laboratories Incorporated
  • the European Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER)
  • Armored Combat Engineer Robot (ACER), a military robot created by Mesa Robotics
  • Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a non-governmental educational research organisation based in Camberwell, Victoria
  • David Acer, stand-up comedian and Canadian close-up magician
  • ACEr, used to identify a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts

Usage examples of "acer".

With their droll sarcasm, high spirits, and practical jokes, Acer and his set took it upon themselves to flatter and tease Jacinda back into her usual good humor.

Back in Town again, his first forays into Society had gone smoothly, though there had been a dangerous few minutes the first time he had been formally introduced to Acer Loring.

Jackals, the glib Acer Loring and his chums were experts in the sneak attack.

When he had turned on one of the impudent young bucks with a sudden snarl, Acer had laughed at him for his inability to take a joke.

Already a bit bewildered by their flurry of Classical references and Latin maxims, he was lost when Acer and George exchanged a few lines in French, watching out of the corner of their eyes to see if he had understood.

Daphne coaxed Rackford into dancing with her, vaguely aware of Acer Loring off to the side, scowling at them right along with her, for he had been enamored of Daphne for ages.

She had even tried to lure him into a kiss, but he had smoothly dodged her enticements, repeatedly foisting her off on Acer Loring.

As the closing bars of the elegant waltz filled the ballroom, Acer shoved his way drunkenly through the dancers, marching toward Rackford and Daphne.

If he had turned out to be the kind of asshole the name Acer implied, I would have had to crack him in the mouth.

I had to sit by while Acer got Eightball shipshape for whoever I would have to sell it to.

I walked out with your bedsheet and sashayed off to find Acer Laidlaw.

Then that deranged half split down the middle and I became suddenly and mortally certain that Valerie had asked me to pilot the shoot as some sort of test, and that her selection of Acer was to let me know that I had missed my last chance to recapture her.

Then I suffered a vision of Acer Laidlaw piloting Eightball back to Roderick Station with a hold full of atoms that had once been mine, and gritted my teeth so hard I cracked a filling.

It occurred to me in passing that if Acer had gotten Val killed because her miner was too much ship for him, I would have to torture him to death.

I thought that the world would be better off without Acer Laidlaw -- not to mention the GGRI board -- and that if all of them were subsumed into the stormy interior of Neptune I might have a chance again with Valerie.