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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Account \Ac*count"\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Accounted; p. pr. & vb. n. Accounting.] [OE. acounten, accompten, OF. aconter, [`a] (L. ad) + conter to count. F. conter to tell, compter to count, L. computare. See Count, v. t.]

  1. To reckon; to compute; to count. [Obs.]

    The motion of . . . the sun whereby years are accounted.
    --Sir T. Browne.

  2. To place to one's account; to put to the credit of; to assign; -- with to. [R.]

  3. To value, estimate, or hold in opinion; to judge or consider; to deem.

    Accounting that God was able to raise him up.
    --Heb. xi. 19.

  4. To recount; to relate. [Obs.]


vb. (en-past of: account)

Usage examples of "accounted".

It was a cardinal sin, and, bed being accounted the place for sleep and not for conversation, it was admitted that a pupil who slept out of his own bed, did so only for immoral purposes.

If I had become rich again, how soon I would have been again accounted the eighth wonder of the world!

I tell you that I should have accounted myself happy if I had had a respite of but a day.

He accounted his enemies those who envied him, and those who could not be reconciled to his glory and the influence of his name.

Directory-- Accounts of the Egyptian expedition published in the Moniteur-- Proclamation to the army of the East--Favour and disgrace of certain individuals accounted for.

The prolonged stay of Bonaparte at Moscow can indeed be accounted for in no other way than by supposing that he expected the Russian Cabinet would change its opinion and consent to treat for peace.

All I wanted was clearness, so difficult to obtain in poetry, while a little doubtful darkness would have been accounted sublime by my new Midas.

The philosopher, perchance, may be accounted so, but it is at the cost of too precious sacrifices at the phantom shrine of Liberty.

Unhappily I have never been able to repay this debt, unless my gratitude be accounted repayment.

It was the residence of two sisters--the elder extremely ugly and the younger very pretty, but the elder sister was accounted, and very rightly, the Corinna of the place.

Hence, on account of the union of charity, what is vouchsafed to all ought to be accounted his own by each one.

First, to the will of those who slew Him: and in this respect He was not a victim: for the slayers of Christ are not accounted as offering a sacrifice to God, but as guilty of a great crime: a similitude of which was borne by the wicked sacrifices of the Gentiles, in which they offered up men to idols.

Joseph, who by nature was his own son, but by law was accounted the son of Heli.

Wherefore the forgiveness of sin is accounted the effect not only of the virtue of penance, but also, and that chiefly, of faith and charity.

Hath any commentator well accounted for the limitation which an antient critic hath set to the drama, which he will have contain neither more nor less than five acts?