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Accia may refer to:

  • Accia (gens), a Roman gens
  • Diocese of Accia, on Corsica, disestablished 1544
  • Plukenetia (syn. Accia), a genus of plant of the family Euphorbiaceae
Accia (gens)

The gens Accia was a Roman family during the late Republic. The gens is known primarily from two individuals, Lucius Accius, a freedman and tragic poet of the 2nd century BC, and Titus Accius, a Roman eques who in 66 BC undertook the prosecution of Aulus Cluentius Habitus, defended by Cicero in his oration Pro Cluentio.

Both men were from the town of Pisaurum in Umbria, suggesting that the gens was of Umbrian origin. It is not known whether Titus Accius was a descendant of the poet, or of the family that had freed him.