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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
access road
▪ A £350,000 access road to the planned Durham County Cricket ground at Chester-le-Street, which could get £157,500.
▪ Only by driving down the restricted and guarded government access road leading to the site can one see the valley of antennas.
▪ The nature of the access road to the site and adjoining development can be influential with regard to market potential.
▪ The path to the left leads to the Old Ing farm access road above High Birkwith.
▪ Then turn right on the 7-mile access road and follow the Saddleback sign.
access road

n. A road giving entry to a region or, especially, to a motorway.

access road

n. a short road giving access to an expressway; "in England they call an access road a slip road" [syn: slip road]

Usage examples of "access road".

Around the bend she could see a small farmhouse that sat right beside the access road into the Gorge.

The metallic bronze car that he had glimpsed approaching a minute or two before had come up the access road and was standing outside the gateway where the driveways from the two apartments merged.

As he watched, thick smoke, billowing from a row of smoke grenades, began to obscure the access road to the portcullis.

He began following the man down the hill and to an access road bounded by a five-foot-high cement wall.

The man climbed over the wall, crossed the access road, scaled a low fence on the other side of the road, then crouched down below a hedge just to the left of where Condon was now standing.

When the truck reached the paved access road, a shower of sparks lit up the night, trailing the truck as it sped away.

As the car sped west on the Dulles Access Road, he swore again-but this time to himself.

I moved quickly to the left, where an access road led around the hospital.

A brand-new access road now linked the highway to the eastern side of the flying field where a hundred Korean craftsmen were building a wooden grandstand with boxes at the front for the two domain-lords and the other top VIPs and several tiers of benches for those of inferior rank.