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ACCE may have several different meanings, including:

  • ACCE - Academy for College and Career Exploration
  • ACCE - African Center for Community Empowerment
  • ACCE - the trading symbol of Access Bank Plc on the Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • ACCE - Cost Estimating Software
  • ACCE - American City County Exchange, a division of the American Legislative Exchange Council

Usage examples of "acce".

Guizot, "Tacite a peint les Germains comme Montaigne et Rousseau les sauvages, dans un acces d'humeur contre sa patrie: son livre est une satire des moeurs Romaines, l'eloquente boutade d'un patriote philosophe qui veut voir la vertu la, ou il ne rencontre pas la mollesse honteuse et la depravation savante d'une vielle societe.

Hair took his figures to Mallory, pointed out the political dangers of failure if ACCED was continued on its present scale, recommended cutting it back sharply to the level of a controlled experiment until Curtice's group was able to show that the current stages of their work would not bog down in the same type of problems as the first had done.