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Acca (plant)

Acca (formerly Feijoa) is a genus of shrubs and small trees in the Myrtaceae family, first described as a genus in 1856.

It is native to South America.

Acca sellowiana is cultivated for its edible fruits, known as feijoas or pineapple guavas.

accepted species
  1. Acca lanuginosa (Ruiz & Pav. ex G.Don) McVaugh - central + southern Peru
  2. Acca macrostema (Ruiz & Pav. ex G.Don) McVaugh - Bolivia, central + southern Peru
  3. Acca sellowiana (O.Berg) Burret - southeastern + southern Brazil, Uruguay, Misiones Province in Argentina

Usage examples of "acca".

But our Acca felt Bryan might be a target, so we put someone here undercover.

But the Acca has calculated that Monica only has another day or so to live, so I can probably stay nearby that long.

Faustulus and his wife Acca Larentia rescued them and raised them to manhood.

They were rescued by Faustulus and his wife Acca Larentia, who raised them to manhood.

From 1868 until his death in 1892 he was confined with seventy of his followers in the penal colony of Acca on the Mediterranean coast.

The dying Camilla is assisted by her fellow-in-arms, Acca, before Diana carries her off.