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init. 1 Association of Corporate Counsel 2 American Chemistry Council 3 Air Coordinating Committee 4 (context New Zealand English) Accident Compensation Corporation 5 (context New Zealand by extension English) The government accident compensation scheme in New Zealand, administered by the Accident Compensation Corporation. 6 (context internet slang English) ''author-created character'', referring to the practice of creating a new character wholesale who is added into a fanfic's cast of 'official' characters. (The characters created by the official original creator are not considered ACC.) The practice is generally discouraged unless the character plays a small role and never overtakes the existing characters' importance in a story; those that do are often accused of being "Mary Sues" or "Self Inserts". 7 (context automotive English) adaptive cruise control (See Wikipedia entry on (w: Autonomous cruise control system))


ACC most often refers to:

  • Atlantic Coast Conference, an NCAA Division I collegiate athletic conference located in the United States
  • American College of Cardiology, A US-based nonprofit medical association that bestows credentials upon cardiovascular specialists
  • Air Combat Command, a major command of the US Air Force headquartered at Langley Air Force Base
  • Air Canada Centre, home of the Toronto Raptors (NBA) and Toronto Maple Leafs (NHL)
  • Association of Corporate Counsel, a global organization serving attorneys who practice in corporate law departments
  • American Chemistry Council, an industry trade association for American chemical companies

ACC may also refer to:

ACC (programming language)

ACC is a near-C compiler for the MS-DOS operating system on the IBM PC line of computers for programs. The compiler and compiled programs will run on any Intel 80386 or above PC running MS-DOS. Included with the compiler are a 386 assembler and a linker for combining multiple object files. There are also two libraries, which are a protected mode DOS extender (based on Thomas Pytel's, AKA Tran's PMODE30B + PMODE307 DOS extenders), and a library of functions callable by C programs.

Pointers are 4 bytes, and can access all available memory. All memory can be allocated too. The compiler, assembler and linker are all very small and reportedly very fast.

Category:C programming language family

ACC (company)

ACC Limited (Formerly The Associated Cement Companies Limited) one of the largest producers of cement in India. It's registered office is called Cement House. It is located on Maharishi Karve Road, Mumbai. The stock price of company contributes in calculating BSE Sensex.

The management control of company was taken over by Swiss cement major Holcim in 2004. On 1 September 2006 the name of The Associated Cement Companies Limited was changed to ACC Limited. The company is only cement company to get Superbrand status in India.

ACC (railway station)

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