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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ac \Ac\ n. 1. the chemical symbol for actinum, a radioactive element.

Syn: actinium

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

abbreviation of air conditioning, by 1966.


a. (context medicine English) ante cibum, before meals n. 1 account; money of account 2 acre 3 air conditioning 4 alicyclic 5 (context electricity English) alternating current

AC (complexity)

In circuit complexity, AC is a complexity class hierarchy. Each class, AC, consists of the languages recognized by Boolean circuits with depth O(logn) and a polynomial number of unlimited fan-in AND and OR gates.

The name "AC" was chosen by analogy to NC, with the "A" in the name standing for "alternating" and referring both to the alternation between the AND and OR gates in the circuits and to alternating Turing machines.

The smallest AC class is AC, consisting of constant-depth unlimited fan-in circuits.

The total hierarchy of AC classes is defined as

AC = ⋃AC

Usage examples of "ac".

Iho on eebeoungeaa ncto doa fnoddhetb s s ruli gre aost wfirgerinyewI tr wd awey t a cI ac, hledgegee afdp son r.

DJA, Wolever TMS, Taylor RH, Barker H, Fielden H, Baldwin JM, Bowling AC, Newman HC, Jenkins AL, and Goff DV.

Perhaps her l30 Lady of the Night q memories had returned and she was looking for old ac- q quaintances, or perhaps she was not as stable as Joshua had thought and was having a relapse.

The reason that the American President, of all the chief officers in the world, was the only one that had a full company of guardian ACS was that they were horrendously expensive.

In most cases there were honest difficulties with assimilating new technology but on several occasions he had run into the technophobia mentioned in regards to the new ACS commander.

Just a bit of frozen glass, but when threaded With the proper codes--as it now wasmit was a key to any door on the ac. A key.

The Tolestnd fi,cent of thearchal s my e hbaby c complain t breat, sat acmer and a had exp to won-of-a-btherf childwon-of-bther,h t, God understands.

Iho on eebeoungeaa ncto doa fnoddhetb s s ruli gre aost wfirgerinyewI tr wd awey t a cI ac, hledgegee afdp son r.

He was a thin stately man of law, garbed as one who gave audience to acred bishops, and carrying on his countenance the stamp of paternity to the parchment skins, and of a virtuous attachment to Port wine sufficient to increase his respectability in the eyes of moral Britain.

Bequeathed by Voltar's ancestors hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is inviolate and s acred and the guiding dogma of the Confederacy.

And to achieve even that, he had to cut the transit windows to the bare minimum, which was going to give ACS fits.

Expressplane, ac- Expressplane, fly- Bus, truck, bicycle, celeratube, rapitrans, wheel bus, fuel-cell draft animals, etc.

The ACS unit had been the only mobile unit able to retreat fast enough to avoid being encircled.

Ac, propter hoc injuriae genus, LAcedaemonii Lysandrum Ephorum expulerunt: Agin regem (quod nunquam antea apud eos Acciderat) necaverunt: exque eo tempore tantae discordiae secutae sunt, ut et tyranni existerint, et optimates exterminarentur, et preclarissime constituta respublica dilaberetur.

We'll put the ACS out front and when they run into really heavy forces they'll backpedal onto fortifications that we'll make as we go.