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Then they headed for the door together and followed Director Abute out of the room.

However, as Abute closed the door to his office at Earth Command and desposited himself in a chair by his workstation, it seemed to him that the Federation’s fleet had made a good start.

However, the expressions on the aliens’ faces told Abute that Shaw would have an uphill fight on his hands—not only over this matter, but perhaps over others as well.

No surprise there, the Rigelian reflected, considering Abute was their superior.

Like his colleague, he was reluctant to give up any of the advantages Abute had described the day before.

Without meaning to do so, the Rigelian had done exactly what Abute had asked him not to do.

But that didn’t mean their responsibility to Director Abute was fully discharged—at least not from Hagedorn’s point of view.

It was from Abute, advising each of his six captains that they would begin interviewing prospective officers the following day.

For instance, Abute wanted each vessel to reflect the variety of species represented in the Federation, so no captain could bring aboard more than a hundred human crewmen.

That was one point on which Hagedorn wouldn’t have given in, even if Abute had handed the Daedalus to him on a silver platter.

Then he stored the Daedalus’ s schematics and accessed the list of officer candidates Abute had compiled.

He was already beginning to savor the challenge when Abute completed his sentence.

At least half of them couldn’t have been thrilled with the board’s decision, and Abute had expected them to tell him so.

A moment later, Abute saw a vertical gleam of light grace the air in front of the center seat.

Right to the end, Abute had learned, the board had been vacillating between two and even three of the candidates—though no one had revealed to him the identity of the other choices.