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Abulafia (surname)

Abulafia ( , Abou l-Afiyya or Abu l-Afia; Abulafia) is a Sephardi Jewish surname whose etymological origin is in the Arabic language. The family name, like many other Arabic-origin Sephardic Jewish surnames, originated in Spain ( Sefarad) among Spanish Jews ( Sephardim) at a time during Spain's Islamic history, when it was ruled as Al-Andalus by Arabic-speaking Moors.

To this day, the romanized version of the surname is most commonly Abulafia. Other variations also exist, mostly in English transliterations, including Aboulafia, Abolafia, Abouelafia, Aboulafiya, Abulafiya, Aboulafiyya, etc.

Abulafia (disambiguation)

Abulafia may refer to:

  • Abulafia (surname), a Sephardic Jewish surname.
  • Todros ben Yosef Abulafia (1225 – c. 1285) prominent Sephardic Jew
  • Abraham ben Shmuel Abulafia (born 1240, Zaragoza, Spain - died c. 1291, Comino), kabbalist
  • Meir ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia (Ramah), a major 13th-century Sephardic rabbi
  • Hayyim ben Yaaqov Abulafia (1660–1744)
  • David Samuel Harvard Abulafia (born 1949)
  • Yossi Abulafia, author
  • Louis Abolafia (1941, Manhattan - 1995), an artist and former candidate for the United States Presidency during the 1960s.