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a. (context slang English) absolute, usually in reference to something represented as trendy, popular, or cutting-edge.

Usage examples of "absolut".

I concentrate on the Absolut and cranberry I'm holding and it looks like a glassful of thin, watery blood with ice and a lemon wedge in it.

I settle on an Absolut for Price and order a J&B on the rocks for myself.

As a joke I almost bring Tim a Bellini but he seems far too edgy tonight to appreciate this so I wade back through the crowd to where he stands and hand him the Absolut and he takes it thanklessly and finishes it with one gulp, looks at the glass and grimaces, giving me an accusatory look.

After finishing a second glass of champagne I move to martinis – Absolut doubles – and after I've calmed down sufficiently I take a closer look around the room, but the midgets are still there.

He smiles while writing this down – the bastard even bats his eyelashes – and when I'm about to warn him not to attempt small taut with me, Owen barks out his drink order, "Double Absolut martini," and the fairy splits.

My rage is controlled, barely, by a Xanax and an Absolut on the rocks.

Van Patten, who has already had two large shots of Absolut, asks about Detective Kimball and what we talked about and all I really remember is something like how people fail between cracks.

He moved it off the Absolut, squeezed the trigger, and blew out three rows of the cheap stuff.

He finished his Absolut, ordered another and signaled the maitre d' he was ready for a table.

There were open bottles of Absolut vodka and Jack Daniel's bourbon on the bar, and Nestle's wrappers on the floor.

He went to the open kitchen, ripped open the freezer, pulled out a frosty fifth of Absolut, and poured a triple shot into a water glass that froze and steamed like dry ice in the humidity.