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n. A shelter; a cavity in a hillside; a shelter on the side of hill with an overhung rock as its roof(R:MW3 1976: page=6) (First attested in the early 19th century.)(R:SOED5: page=8)

Usage examples of "abri".

The wharf guards are so used to seeing me shuffle past, they would not notice if Abri turned tumbles under my coat.

Ao entrar no quarto, fui direto para a minha mesa, abri a gaveta e retirei um envelope antigo, que guardava a foto de uma menina loira usando um vestido florido e sorrindo de modo claro e expressivo.

Though there were no usable abris or deep caves, the face of the cliff was split by ledges and crevices where birds nested.

Some of the other abris that were part of the South Face settlement complex had their own descriptive names, such as Long Rock, Deep Bank, and Good Spring, referring to the natural spring that welled up nearby.

For a few days after that disaster the men kept to the abris, but now we are again careless as before and are living outside in the fine weather, though the same thing may happen again at any moment.