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Abreu may refer to:

  • Abreu (surname)
Abreu (surname)

Abreu is a Portuguese language surname. The surname is particularly prevalent among those of Portuguese and Sephardic Jewish descent.

The source of the name is debated. The family name has a Portuguese form, and has been explained as being an ancient branch of the house of Normandyvia the Countship of Évreux, France. It has also been linked to the name Abraham (Portuguese Abraão), the Biblical figure. Some argue that it is an abbreviation of the Portuguese phrase “Abraham The Hebrew” (Portuguese Abraão O Hebreu).

Prominent people with the surname are:

  • Alcinda Abreu (born 1953), Mozambican politician
  • Aldo Abreu, Venezuelan recorder player
  • Aleixo de Abreu (1568–1630), Portuguese physician and tropical pathologist
  • Anderson Luís de Abreu Oliveira (born 1988), Brazilian footballer
  • Anna Abreu (born 1990), Finnish-Portuguese singer
  • António de Abreu (16th century), Portuguese navigator and naval officer
  • Aryam Abreu Delgado (born 1978), Cuban chess Grandmaster
  • António Simões de Abreu (born 1947), Portuguese engineer and politician
  • Bobby Abreu (born 1974), Venezuelan baseball player
  • Caio Fernando Abreu (1948–1996), Brazilian journalist and writer
  • Carlos Renato de Abreu (born 1978), Brazilian footballer
  • Casimiro de Abreu (1829–1860), Brazilian writer
  • Cláudia Abreu (born 1970), Brazilian actress
  • Diogo Abreu (born 1947), Portuguese geographer
  • António Caetano de Abreu Freire Egas Moniz (1874–1955), better known as "António Egas Moniz", Portuguese psychiatrist, neurosurgeon, and Nobel Prize winner
  • Ermilo Abreu Gómez (1894–1971), Mexican writer
  • Eufemio Abreu (1901-?), Cuban baseball player
  • Fernanda Abreu (born 1961), Brazilian singer
  • Florêncio Carlos de Abreu e Silva (1839–1881), Brazilian lawyer, journalist, writer, and politician
  • Francisco Abreu (born 1943), Spanish golfer
  • George Leandro Abreu de Lima (born 1985), Brazilian footballer
  • Jesus Gil Abreu (1823–1900), American rancher and pioneer
  • José Abreu (1688–1756), Spanish administrator
  • José Antonio Abreu (born 1943), Venezuelan pianist, economist, educator, activist, and politicians
  • Luciana Abreu (born 1985), Portuguese singer and actress
  • Lucy d'Abreu (1892–2005), the oldest living person in the United Kingdom from April 2004 until her death
  • Manuel de Abreu (1894–1962), Brazilian physician and scientist
  • Marco Abreu (born 1974), Angolan footballer
  • Marques Batista de Abreu (born 1973), Brazilian footballer
  • Marta Abreu (1845–1909), Cuban philanthropist
  • Norberto Collado Abreu (c1921-2008), Cuban revolutionary
  • Pedro De Abreu (born 1989), Brazilian-American entrepreneur
  • Rico Abreu (born 1992), American racing driver
  • Santiago Polanco Abreu (1920–1988), Puerto Rican politician
  • Sebastián Abreu (born 1976), Uruguayan footballer
  • Sissi Abreu (born 1968), Brazilian singer
  • Tony Abreu (born 1984), Dominican baseball player
  • Francisco Abreu, Spanish golfer
  • Vania Abreu (born 1967), Brazilian singer
  • Winston Abreu (born 1977), Dominican baseball player
  • Xavier Abreu Sierra (born 1950), Mexican politician
  • Yudit Abreu (born 1969), Cuban basketball player
  • Zequinha de Abreu (1880–1935), Brazilian composer