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n. 1 (initialismacrylonitrile-butadiene rubber) 2 (initialism of accredited buyer representative nodot=1), a designation used by realtors in the United States.


Abr (; also known as Abz) is a village in Kharqan Rural District, Bastam District, Shahrud County, Semnan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 1,383, in 355 families.

Usage examples of "abr".

Her father repeated with relish, “ ‘And though I called another, Abra came.

He was starting to punish Abra for liking his brother, and this was nothing new either.

His brain probed for a weak­ness in Abra, and so clever was he that he found one almost at once in her words.

Gradually some drifted away to their own homes, and only three girls were with Abra when she came to the white gate of her yard and turned in.

After a moment the latch lifted, the white gate opened, and Abra emerged.

He wept quietly, and Abra stroked his cheek and wiped the flowing tears away with the edge of her skirt.

For a very short time he tried to join Abra and Aron, but they didn’t want him.

He spoke to Abra of the necessity for abstinence and de­cided that he would live a life of celibacy.

And once when Abra got angry and said she hated him he felt awful bad.

He studied, ate, slept, and wrote to Abra, and this was his whole life.

But, Abra, suppose he’d asked and she had said something else and he liked it and had another dish.

The house next to Reynaud’s Bakery became warm and dear, Lee the epitome of friend and counselor, his father the cool, dependable figure of godhead, his brother clever and delightful, and Abra —well, of Abra he made his immaculate dream and, having created her, fell in love with her.

And as Abra became more radiant, more pure and beautiful, Aron took an increasing joy in a concept of his own wicked­ness.

The results were love letters that dripped with longing and by their high tone made Abra very uneasy.

He remembered that Abra had once sug­gested that they go to live on the ranch, and that became his dream.