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init. Arterial blood pressure.


ABP may refer to:

  • ABP Induction Systems, a global industrial firm
  • Associated British Ports, port operator in the UK
  • Ananda Publishers, or ABP Pvt. Ltd., an India-based publishing firm and media group
  • Au Bon Pain, a fast-casual bakery/cafe chain
  • Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, a European pension fund for government workers in the Netherlands
  • Afghan Border Police
  • American Board of Pediatrics, US certifying board for Pediatrics and several of its sub-specialties
  • Associated Baptist Press, a religious news agency
  • An Bord Pleanála, Ireland, rules on planning appeals
Medicine and biology
  • Ambulatory blood pressure, a method to monitor blood pressure
  • Arterial blood pressure, the blood pressure in the arteries
  • Androgen-binding protein, a glycoprotein
  • Actin-binding protein, proteins that attach to the protein actin
  • Adblock Plus, a content filtering extension for the web browsers Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Alternating bit protocol, a data link layer network protocol
  • Amagi Brilliant Park, an anime series
  • Atkamba Airport, in Atkamba, Papua New Guinea
  • AB Pacense, a Spanish basketball team based in Badajoz
  • Abellen language, a Sambalic language of the Philippines
  • Agricultural byproduct
  • Apostolic Bible Polyglot
  • Amortization of Bond Premium, used on IRS form 1040.
  • As a written abbreviation for the title of Archbishop
  • Alaskan Bush People a Discovery Channel show with 3 seasons

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