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n. (alternative spelling of abulia English)


n. a loss of will power [syn: abulia]


Aboulia or abulia (from , meaning "will", with the prefix -a), in neurology, refers to a lack of will or initiative and can be seen as a disorder of diminished motivation (DDM). Aboulia falls in the middle of the spectrum of diminished motivation, with apathy being less extreme and akinetic mutism being more extreme than aboulia. A patient with aboulia is unable to act or make decisions independently. It may range in severity from subtle to overwhelming. It is also known as Blocq's disease (which also refers to abasia and astasia-abasia). Aboulia was originally considered to be a disorder of the will.

Usage examples of "aboulia".

Gussy, the tickler's already eliminated absenteeism, alcoholism, and aboulia in numerous urban areas—and that's just one letter of the alphabet!