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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aborigines \Ab`o*rig"i*nes\ (-r[i^]j"[i^]*n[=e]z), n. pl. [L. Aborigines; ab + origo, especially the first inhabitants of Latium, those who originally (ab origine) inhabited Latium or Italy. See Origin.]

  1. The earliest known inhabitants of a country; native races.

  2. The original fauna and flora of a geographical area


n. 1 (plural of aborigine English) 2 The original people of a location, originally Greek and Roman. (First attested in the mid 16th century.)(R:SOED5: page=6) 3 indigenous flora and fauna. (First attested in the late 17th century.) 4 (context history English) The inhabitants of a location before colonization by the Europeans occurred. (First attested in the early 18th century.)

Aborigines (mythology)

The Aborigines ( Ancient Greek translation: Ἀβοριγῖνες) in Roman mythology are the oldest inhabitants of central Italy, connected in legendary history with Aeneas, Latinus and Evander. They were supposed to have descended from their mountain home near Reate (an ancient Sabine town) upon Latium, whence they expelled the Siceli and subsequently settled down as Latini under a King Latinus.

Usage examples of "aborigines".

Nan was younger, Aborigines were considered sub-normal and not capable of being educated the way whites were.

You see, the police were called Protectors of Aborigines in those days, so we thought we might get some protection from them.

Manning a month, when Mum began to complain about all the Aborigines living in the swamp.

A period of wandering as a nomad, often as undertaken by Aborigines who feel the need to leave the place where they are in contact with white society, and return for spiritul replenishment to their traditional way of life.

These Sea Folk were not like the aborigines of Ruwenda, accustomed to obey the laws of the White Lady and freely accepting Kadiya as their leader.

In physique he closely resembled the Aliansa, being tall and robust and with a face less humanoid than the aborigines of the Mire and Mountain.

But no human being loved the aborigines more, nor stood ready to lay down her life for them if it were necessary.

Zinora is truly denied trade with the Windlorn Isles by hostile aborigines, then its fortunes will greatly decline.

The very sight of the awesome Forest aborigines, with their fanged muzzles agape and their taloned hands hovering near their weapons, was enough to convert the dance-bone cheaters to instant integrity.

But thus far there had been no other craft sighted on the waters, although smokes were visible from the many Aliansa village sites and a small group of aborigines was spied netting fish in the shallows.

The Swamp Folk and the other aborigines will no longer revere you and follow you and call you their Great Advocate if you are without it, will they, Lady of the Eyes?

The other two aborigines, their luminous eyes aglow, drew their own axes from the back-sheaths and slipped away.

Wyvilo aborigines invaded the quarters of the galley slaves, freed King Antar, and took him away through one of the slop-doors.

Binah, elected to live in the Peninsula, since the greatest concentration of intelligent aborigines now resides there.

Archimages have included shielding aborigines who were in danger of being exterminated by hostile humans, and collecting and disposing of dangerous or inappropriate artifacts of the Vanished Ones that turned up in the ancient ruined cities.