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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Abor \Abor\ n. 1. a language spoken in Northeast India and adjacent regions of West Burma (Myanmar).

Syn: Miri, Mirish, Dafla

  1. redirect Abor

Usage examples of "abor".

It is often compounded with the term above, and rendered Abor, Aborus, Aborras: and it is otherwise diversified.

He knew that it was standard procedure for a cesarean section, but then it struck him that, since her water had broken, she had to be in abor His eyes shot to hers.

Australia and New Zealand: Abor Miri, Aneityum, Annamese, Balochi, Bentuni, Binandere, Cheremiss, Chungchia, Georgian, Houailou, Javanese, Kado, Kaili, Kopu, Kusaie, Lepcha, Lifu, Manchu, Manipuri, Manus Island, Marquesas, Mentawei, Mongolian, Mordoff, Mwala, Na-Hsi, Nicobarese, Niue, Ossete, Ostiak, Pali, Panjabi, Pashto, Perm, Petats, Samoan, Tho, Tibetan, Tonga, Vogul.

In the autumn the southeasterlies came barreling up from Abor one after another, making the outward trip to the fishing grounds a swift pleasure, but beating back in their teeth was hard, intense work, and it called for fine judgment on the helm to keep the wind on the port bow.

Khamtis, Singphos, Mishmis, Abors, Nagas, Jynteas, Khasyas, and Garos.