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Ablach may refer to:

  • Ablach (Danube), a right tributary of the Danube
  • Ablach (Krauchenwies), part of the municipality Krauchenwies Sigmaringen County, Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Emain Ablach, a mythical island paradise in Irish mythology
Ablach (Danube)

The Ablach is a right tributary of the Danube. It rises on the European Watershed, which is only a hint in this area, from the Mindersdorfer Aach in the municipality of Hohenfels in the Landkreis of Konstanz. It is about long, or, when including the headwaters in the Hohenfels area, .

Usage examples of "ablach".

You Irish call it by the name Ablach, for it is a land rich in apples, symbol of the soul and potent for use in healing medicines.