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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Abit \A*bit"\, 3d sing. pres. of Abide. [Obs.]


adv. (misspelling of a bit English)


Abit may refer to:

  • Abit, Burma, village in Burma
  • Abit (Armenian Bitumen), an asphalt production company in Surenavan, Armenia
  • Ajay Binay Institute of Technology
  • Saint-Abit, commune in France
  • Universal abit, defunct Taiwanese computer brand

Usage examples of "abit".

She might be abit thin through the hips for some, but as he'd remarkedto Sky wake, he liked his women trim.

They gave her abit of training, dressed her up in fine armor, andstuck her in the center of a sizable bodyguard at therear of the army.

Gathering up the dishes, Aleccarried them away and returned with a mug of water and abit of bread.

Riker and Worf hung back abit more, just in case defensive screens wereinvolved.

With abit of luck we can lock up home-court advantage throughout the playoffs.

OK, she'd had no choice but to mention hersuspicions but maybe she could have played them down abit and saved herself the irritation of his paranoia.

I could do with abit of a stretch, so let's walk over to the New Market Jail and visit withDash Jamison.

I'm still abit vague on what he does for Patrick, but I've seen him around over thelast few years.

They'll wait ten minutes, shuffle abit, then they'll start drifting back inside.