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n. (context India English) An aromatic red powder that is used during the Holi festival.(R:MW3 1976: page=4)


Abir is a word with several meanings around the world:

  • In Nepai, a dye powder
  • In the Bengali language, the color of the sky during sunset;
  • In Marathi, natural colour (also called gulal)
  • In Arabic, aroma, perfume.
  • In Hebrew, brave man or knight.
Abir (disambiguation)

Abir may refer to:

  • Abir, a dye common in India
  • Abir Muhaisen (b. 1973), Jordanian royalty
  • Abir-Qesheth Hebrew Warrior Arts, name of a martial arts discipline taught by Yehoshua Sofer, and part of the "Abir Warrior Arts Association" of Israel.
  • The M462 military truck, also known as the AIL Abir
  • The Abir Congo Company, a rubber-harvesting company in the Congo Free State