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Abia may refer to:

Abia (genus)

Abia is a genus of sawflies belonging to the family Cimbicidae. This genus includes several stout sawflies commonly encountered in Europe.

Abia (mythology)

In Greek mythology, Abia was the nursemaid of Hyllus, (in some translations the child she nurses is named Glenus) son of Heracles and Deianira, who settled there after the failed attempt of Heracles' son Hyllus to return to the Peloponnesus.

She was honored by the Heraclid Cresphontes for having built a temple to Heracles in Ira, by changing of the name of the town of Ira to Abia. Abia was one of the seven cities promised by Agamemnon to Achilles in his attempt to convince him to rejoin the Trojan War. At a later time Abia would join the Achaean League.

Abia (name)

Abia is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Koutoua Abia (born 1965), Ivorian sprint canoeist
  • Abia Brown (1743–1785), a Deputy to the Provincial Congress of New Jersey
  • Abia Nale (born 1986), a South African football midfielder