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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Aberrate \Ab"er*rate\, v. i. [L. aberratus, p. pr. of aberrare; ab + errare to wander. See Err.] To go astray; to diverge. [R.]

Their own defective and aberrating vision.
--De Quincey.


vb. 1 (lbl en intransitive) To go astray; to diverge; to deviate (from); deviate from. (mid 18the century)(R:SOED5: page=4) 2 (lbl en transitive) To distort; to cause aberration of. (late 19th century)

  1. v. diverge from the expected; "The President aberrated from being a perfect gentleman"

  2. diverge or deviate from the straight path; produce aberration; "The surfaces of the concave lens may be proportioned so as to aberrate exactly equal to the convex lens"

Usage examples of "aberrate".

It could work from below to aberrate her thinking processes, it could give her strange pains—which she attributed to something else—in the areas injured.

Any person, aberrated or Clear, computes perfectly on the data stored and perceived.

When a person has engrams, these tend to deflect what would be his normal ability to perceive truth and bring about an aberrated view of situations which then would cause an aberrated reaction to them.

It is an interesting commentary that while past observers felt that the facing of reality was an absolute necessity if the aberrated individual wished to be sane, no definition of how this was to be done was set forth.

It can be aberrated only by prohibition of its general practice, which is to say, by aberrating the persistence in its application or encysting24 the whole mind.

But creative imagination, that possession by which works of art are done, states built and man enriched, can be envisioned as a special function, independent in operation and in no way dependent for its existence upon an aberrated condition in the individual, since the examination of its activity in and use by a Clear possessing it adequately demonstrates its inherent character.

The actual computing ability of man is never in error even in a very severely aberrated person.

The phrase "social competition" is a compound of aberrated behavior and sentient difficulties.

In the case of aberrated solutions, the dynamics are actually and actively impeded, as will later be outlined in full.

The equation of the optimum solution is always present even in severely aberrated individuals and is used as modified by their education, viewpoint and available time.

A high PV may, by reversed vector,3 result in a negative worth as in some severely aberrated persons, A high PV on any dynamic assures a high worth only in the unaberrated person.

But in aberrated persons the engram bank is always susceptible of restimulation.

But an aberrated person transcends10 all predictability for the following reasons: (1) what engrams an aberree has in his reactive engram bank none know including himself.

And the unlimited complexities possible from the engrams (and the severest, most thoroughly controlled experiments discovered these engrams to be capable of just such behavior as is listed here) are the whole catalog of aberrated human conduct.

Two patients were for a time severely aberrated by the careless comments of the anesthetizing and examining doctors: a note added to warn those attempting this experiment in the future.