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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Abele \A*bele"\, n. [D. abeel (abeel-boom), OF. abel, aubel, fr. a dim. of L. albus white.] The white poplar ( Populus alba).

Six abeles i' the churchyard grow.
--Mrs. Browning.


n. The white poplar (''Populus alba''). (First attested around 1150 to 1350.)(R:SOED5: page=3)


n. a poplar that is widely cultivated in the United States; has white bark and leaves with whitish undersurfaces [syn: white poplar, white aspen, aspen poplar, silver-leaved poplar, Populus alba]


Abelé is a Champagne producer based in the Reims region of Champagne. The house was founded in 1757 by Téodore Vander-Veken as the third Champagne house in history.

The house produces approximately 400,000 bottles annually.

Abele (disambiguation)

Abele is a small village or hamlet in the city of Poperinge, in the Belgian province of West-Flanders.

Abele may also refer to:

  • Abele (surname)
  • Abele, (also spelled Abeele), a small village or hamlet in the city of Poperinge, in the Belgian province of West-Flanders
  • Abele, tropical cyclone, 2010
  • Abelé, a Champagne house
  • USS Abele (AN-58), an American Ailanthus-class net laying ship
  • USS Mannert L. Abele (DD-733), American Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer
  • Populus alba, the white poplar, a tree species
  • Abelian variety
Abele (surname)

Abele may refer to:

  • Anton Abele (born 1992), Swedish politician
  • Arnulf Abele (1914-2000), German military officer
  • Arthur Abele (born 1986), German decathlete
  • Chris Abele (born 1967), American businessman and philanthropist
  • Christoph Ignaz Abele (1628–1685), Austrian jurist
  • Ekkehard Abele, German opera singer
  • Johann Martin Abele (1753–1805), German publisher
  • John Abele (born 1941), American businessman
  • Julian Abele (1881–1950), American architect
  • Lawrence G. Abele (born 1947), American academic
  • Mannert L. Abele (1903–1942), American naval officer
  • Matthias Abele (1618–1677), Austrian jurist
  • Pete Abele (1916–2000), American politician
Abele (Alfieri)

Abele is an Italian opera inspired on the first Bible's chapters by Vittorio Alfieri (1749–1803) which he described as a tramelogedia. It was written in 1786 and first published after Alfieri's death in 1804 in London. The play's characters can be divided in two groups: The first group includes the firsts earth's residents after the creation ( Adam, Eva, Cain and Abel) and the second group represents the spiritual beings ( God, Beelzebub, Sin, Envy, Death, Angels and Demons).

Usage examples of "abele".

Furthermore, after the shootings, the National Guard action was supported by many people who made comments such as these: "it's about time we showed the bastards who's in charge" and "they should have shot 100 of them" (Scherer, Abeles, & Fischer, 1975).