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Abdullayev (; masculine) or Abdullayeva (; feminine) is an Azerbaijani, Russian, and Central Asian surname, a variant of Abdulayev. It is shared by the following people:

  • Abdusalom Abdullayev (born 1951), Tajikistani artist and cinematographer
  • Aghakhan Abdullayev (born 1950), Azerbaijani folk singer
  • Aida Abdullayeva, Azerbaijani actress, wife of Tokay Mammadov, Azerbaijani sculptor
  • Alasgar Abdullayev, birth name of Shakili Alasgar (1866–1929), Azerbaijani folk musician
  • Alina Abdullayeva, director of the 2006 Azerbaijani short film Try Not to Breath
  • Araz Abdullayev (born 1992), Azerbaijani association football player
  • Arzu Abdullayeva, co-recipient of the 1992 Olof Palme Prize
  • Asgar Abdullayev (born 1960), retired Azerbaijani association football player
  • Aygul Abdullayeva, Azerbaijani participant at the 2009 World Taekwondo Championships – Women's flyweight
  • Chingiz Abdullayev (born 1959), Azerbaijani writer
  • Dilya Abdullayeva, 2008 participant in Minuta slavy, a Russian television talent show
  • Dzhanet Abdullayeva, suicide bomber, one of the perpetrators of the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings
  • Elnur Abdullaev (born 1986), Azerbaijani association football player
  • Elshad Abdullayev (born 1961), Azerbaijani lawyer and university official
  • Kamal Mehdi Abdullayev (born 1950), Azerbaijani philologist and university official
  • Layes Abdullayeva (born 1991), Ethiopia-born Azerbaijani track and field athlete
  • Lutfali Abdullayev (1914–1973), Azerbaijani actor
  • Madinat Abdullayeva, Azerbaijani athlete at the 2012 Summer Paralympics
  • Mahammatkodir Abdullaev (Abdullayev) (born 1973), Uzbekistani boxer
  • Mikayil Abdullayev (1921-2002), Azerbaijani painter
  • Muminjon Abdullaev (Abdullayev) (born 1989), Uzbekistani Greco-Roman wrestler
  • Nadira Abdullaeva (Abdullayeva), actress in Sex & Philosophy, a 2005 French-Iranian-Tajik movie
  • Nafisa Abdullaeva (born 1978), Uzbekistani lawyer and business coach
  • Namiq Abdullayev (born 1972), Azerbaijani wrestler
  • Nargiza Abdullayeva, Uzbekistani movie actress
  • Nasiba Abdullayeva, Uzbek artist
  • Pulat Abdullayev (born 1942), Russian diplomat
  • Rashad Abdullayev (born 1981), Azerbaijani association football player
  • Rovnag Abdullayev (born 1965), Azerbaijani businessman and politician
  • Rustam Abdullaev (Abdullayev) (born 1971), Uzbekistani association football player and coach
  • Sadriddin Abdullaev (Abdullayev) (born 1986), Uzbekistani association football player
  • Shukufa Abdullayeva, Azerbaijani tennis player at the 2007 Fed Cup Europe/Africa Zone Group III – Pool A
  • Supyan Abdullayev (born 1956), Chechen politician
  • Umida Abdullaeva (Adbullayeva), Uzbekistani taekwondist at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics
  • Ziyodahon Abdullaeva (Abdullayeva), Uzbekistani participant at the 2006 IAAF World Cross Country Championships – Women's short race
  • Zohra Abdullayeva, an artist who worked for the Rashid Behbudov State Song Theater in Baku, Azerbaijan