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Abdulin (; masculine) or Abdulina (; feminine) is an Azerbaijani, Russian, and Central Asian surname, a variant of Abdulayev. It is shared by the following people:

  • Avhat Abdulin, Uzbekistani association football coach of Temiryo'lchi Qo'qon in the Uzbekistan First League
  • Dzmitry Abdulin, Belarusian martial artist, bronze medal winner in the 81 kg men's Muaythai group at the 2010 World Combat Games
  • Gusman Abdulin, Kazakhstani marathon runner, winner of the 1992 Riga Marathon
  • Mansur Abdulin (born 1923), Russian memoirist
  • Rinat Abdulin (born 1982), Kazakhstani association football player