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Abdulayev (; masculine) or Abdulayeva (; feminine) is an Azerbaijani, Russian, and Central Asian surname. Variants of this surname include Abdalin/Abdalina , Abdulin/Abdulina , Abdullayev/Abdullayeva , Abdullin/Abdullina , Abdulov/Abdulova , Babdulin/Babdulina , and Babdullin/Babdullina .

All these surnames derive from various forms of the given name Abdullah (Abdulla), which itself is derived from Arabic "abd allāh", meaning god's servant or god's slave.

People with the surname
  • Eldar Abdulayev (born 1985), Kazakhstani ice-hockey player
  • Erkebek Abdulaev (Abdulayev), author and former KGB lieutenant colonel
  • Guerman Abdulaev (Abdulayev), Russian judoka
  • Jahongir Abdulaev (Abdulayev), Uzbekistani freestyle belt wrestling gold medalist at the 2009 Asian Indoor Games
  • Levan Abdulaev (Abdulayev), Georgian association football player for FC Kakheti Telavi in 2007–2008
  • Magomed Abdulayev, Prime Minister under Magomedsalam Magomedov, the President of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia in 2010–2013
  • Mubariz Abdulayev, Azerbaijani kickboxer who lost to Albert Kraus, Dutch kickboxer, in 2012
  • Muhamedzhan Abdulaev (Abdulayev), Kyrgyzstani association football player for FC Manas
  • Murad Abdulaev (Abdulayev), mixed martial artist who lost to Alexander Yakovlev in 2013
  • Murtazali Abdulayev, association football player in reserve during the 2010 FC Anzhi Makhachkala season
  • Mustafa Abdulayev, one of the Russian official Islam clerics who organized public theological discussions with Kunta-haji, Chechen Muslim mystic
  • Natella Abdulaeva (Abdulayeva), costume designer for Sinead Kerr, Scottish ice dancer
  • Omar Abdulayev (born 1978), Tajikistani GITMO detainee
  • Tagir Abdulaev (Abdulayev), Russian heavyweight judoka at the 1994 Goodwill Games