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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Abderite \Ab*de"rite\, n. [L. Abderita, Abderites, fr. Gr. 'Abdhri`ths.] An inhabitant of Abdera, in Thrace.

The Abderite, Democritus, the Laughing Philosopher.


n. 1 An inhabitant or native of Abdera, in Thrace. 2 (context ‘the Abderite’ English) Democritus, the laughing philosopher.

Usage examples of "abderite".

The senate regarded this as a disgraceful proceeding and they made the same decree in the case of the Abderites that they had made the previous year in the case of the Coronaeans, with instructions to the praetor to announce the decree to the Assembly.

Sempronius Blaesus and Sextius Julius Caesar, were sent to restore the Abderites to freedom, and to inform Hostilius and Hortensius that the senate considered the attack upon Abdera as utterly unjustifiable, and demanded that search should be made for all who were enslaved in order that they might be set free.