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init. The callsign for the Ceduna station of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation


n. 1 (ABC English) 2 (context plurale tantum English) letter, writing, especially as a skill. n. The alphabet, especially the English alphabet.


ABCS may mean:

  • Army Battle Command System
  • Aeromedical Biological Containment System
  • ABCS, callsign for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's TV station in Ceduna, South Australia
ABCs (song)

ABCs is the first official single by rapper K'naan on his album Troubadour. It also features rapper Chubb Rock and is produced by A&M/Octone Records. The song was also featured on the soundtrack for the video game Madden 09 and in both the film and the trailer for The Trotsky. The song can be heard in the 2010 film Step Up 3D. It samples Chubb Rock's "Treat 'Em Right" and Mulatu Astatke's "Kasalefkut hulu."