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ABCDEFG (album)

ABCDEFG is the 14th and final studio album by Chumbawamba. It was officially released on 1 March 2010, but copies ordered from the band's website arrived the week before.


ABCDEFG are the first seven letters of the ISO basic Latin alphabet and may be used to refer to that alphabet as a whole, as in the Alphabet song.

ABCDEFG may also refer to:

  • The English names of the diatonic musical notes, which are " A", " B", " C", " D", " E", " F", and " G".
  • ABCDEFG, a mnemonic sometimes used when interpreting chest radiographs (X-ray results)
  • ABCDEFG, a 2010 album by British band Chumbawamba
  • ABCDEFG Schema, a Geosciences extension to the Access to Biological Collections Data (ABCD) XML schema
  • "ABCDEFG", a 2013 single recorded by American singer Alison Gold.