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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Abb \Abb\ ([a^]b), n. [AS. [=a]web, [=a]b; pref. a- + web. See Web.] Among weavers, yarn for the warp. Hence, abb wool is wool for the abb.


n. 1 A type of yarn for the warp. 2 A rough wool from the inferior parts of the fleece, used for the woof or weft. (First attested around 1150 to 1350.) 3 (context UK English) A filling pick used in weaving.(R:MW3 1976: page=2)

ABB (disambiguation)

ABB is a Swedish-Swiss high-tech engineering multinational.

ABB may also refer to:

  • ABB Grain, an Australian agribusiness
  • αΒΒ, a deterministic global optimization algorithm
  • African Blood Brotherhood, a former radical black liberation group in the United States
  • The Allman Brothers Band, an American rock band
  • Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, a peer-reviewed scientific periodical
  • RAF Abingdon's IATA code
  • Akron and Barberton Belt Railroad's reporting mark
  • Anti-Bardell Bachelor Band
  • Bankon language, a Bantu language of Cameroon

Usage examples of "abb".

Suddenly Abbs and Delts were beside him, a redheaded woman slung between them, unconscious.

V, the Abb Gvresin says: Je comprends trs bien le systme du pre Milleriot qui forçait communier des gens quil apprhendait de voir retomber dans leus pchs, apr.