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n. (alternative spelling of abaca English)


Abaka may refer to:

  • Abaqa Khan (1234–1282), ruler of the Mongol Ilkhanate, based in Persia
  • Abacá, a Philippine species of banana
  • Abaka (weekly), an Armenian newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Abaka (weekly)

Abaka (Ապագայ in Armenian) is an Armenian Canadian trilingual newspaper established in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1975. It is the official political organ of the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party (Ramgavar party). Since 2010 however, it has been reflecting the views of the splinter Armenakan-Democratic Liberal Party.

Abaka is published weekly in Armenian in 16 pages tabloid, 12 being in Armenian, with a 4-page additional supplement in the middle (two pages in French and 2 pages English).

The newspaper also publishes a children/teens monthly supplement called "Pountch" as an insert.

On the 40th anniversary of its establishment, Abaka announced launching of its trilingual online edition on site

Usage examples of "abaka".

Tengri-Khan warmed them, but the air was still cold, and only a few of the men, including Abaka, dared to remove shirt and jacket to expose their bronzed skin to the light.

Behind them, the women trilled, and several more riders, boys nearing manhood, rushed by to take a place behind Abaka and his drummers.

So when Abaka came by and asked Ma if Kati would like to join him and four other boys in chasing down strays, she was immediately excited and pleading with Ma to let her go.

Ma relented, for Abaka had become fond of Kati, and with two younger brothers in his family treated her like the little sister he would never have.

She traversed a slope, saw the boys below her, heading down, but Abaka had remained on a ridge not far from her.

Kati pulled up beside Abaka and gazed at the Searcher, a young man with the characteristic, lightly veined bulge on his forehead, the finely arched nose.

Another Searcher was waiting there, a boy no older than Abaka had been when they'd murdered him.

That and the wineskin dropped by Abaka Khan, who in the fury of battle had seen me crawl into my hole to escape death.

Barak is said, by the latter, to have attempted to wrest the kingdom of Khorasan from the dominion of Abaka the son of Hulagu.

In 1270 he had obtained the consent of Abaka the son of Hulagu, then his liege sovereign, for transferring the crown of Armenia, on account of his age and infirmities, to his son Leon.

It was then (together with Persia) under the dominion of the second son of Hulagu, who succeeded his brother Abaka, and took the name of Ahmed Khan, upon his embracing the Mahometan religion.

She and the newly arrived CE operator from Okanagon, a slen­der black woman named Tisha Abaka, came to the table in the scientists' mess where two chairs had been saved for them.