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ABAD may refer to:

  • Amyloid-β peptide (Aβ) binding alcohol dehydrogenase
  • ABAD, a television transmitter in Alice Springs, Australia, which broadcasts the television station ABD (TV station)
Abad (surname)

Abad is a Hispanic surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Abad (born 1972), American baseball player
  • Antonio Abad (1894–1970), Filipino writer
  • Carlos Abad (born 1995), Spanish footballer
  • Carmencita Abad (born 1933), Filipina actress
  • Diego José Abad y García (1727–1779), Jesuit poet and translator in New Spain and Italy
  • Fernando Abad (born 1985), Dominican baseball player
  • Gémino Abad, Filipino poet
  • Kaye Abad (born 1982), Filipina actress
  • Margot Abad, Argentine film actress
  • Mercedes Abad (born 1961), Spanish journalist and short story writer
  • Pacita Abad (1946–2004), Filipina painter
  • Pere Esteve i Abad (1942–2005), Catalan politician

Usage examples of "abad".

Colonel Abad, the Khedive had shaved away most of his beard, removing everything except the ghost of a goatee and the faintest trace of moustache.

Pedro Abad, of Victoria, in payment of the thirty pesos that she had borrowed of him a fortnight before.

Pedro Abad, the rich man, of whom, until then, she was debt-free, and asked for a loan.

Pedro Abad has always taken all my rice and all my sugar, and has always given me back a cheating return.

You shall take one, Pedro Abad, and one I shall keep, and my half I shall sell for real money, and the money will be mine.

Pedro Abad, to preserve discipline in the barrio, abandoned the roundabout methods of the law and by main force drove Maria off the land, seized her house, her un-threshed crop of late rice and her hectare of standing sugar-cane and left her in the road with her mother in her arms, homeless and destitute, with no human recourse save the charity of neighbours only less poor than herself.

Even after a couple of centuries of despotism, they were still attached to the memory of the deposed king, Ahmar bin Naji bin Abad al-Habbibi, called the Righteous, who had been known as a friend to the Bedouin.

I recall, about 1940, reading Diego Abad de Santillan's interesting book After the Revolution, criticizing his anarchist comrades and sketching in some detail how an anarchosyndicalist Spain would work (these are >50 year old memories, so don't take it too literally).

What I am currently seein', however, is someonewho looks like she has been on the wrong end of abad accident.