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Usage examples of "ababa".

You have the most gorgeous garden in Said Ababa, and I want it for my kids.

Her stepmother had been a national of Said Ababa, but her father was an American.

Darcy will be departing Said Ababa with at least five million dollars in liquid assets.

Pallal may try some string pulling himself to get you returned to Said Ababa before your identity is established.

She should have been terrified to be stranded in Said Ababa with Pallal still alive and seeking vengeance, but that was not the case.

Pallal can request he be extradited back to Said Ababa as a ward of the state.

There are a hell of a lot of orphans in Said Ababa, thanks to their so-called benevolent dictatorship.

The experience in Said Ababa had been bad, but nothing like the traumatic one she had just undergone.

He had gotten Davy and her out of Said Ababa, worked selflessly to straighten out that hideous red tape concerning her supposed death, given generously of his time and money.

We came here when we escaped from an institute in Said Ababa two years ago.

The military junta in Said Ababa had dreams of increasing their own intelligence potential, but when they realized that was out of the question, they decided to see if they could make use of the Clanad.

Our psychic abilities were the principal reason we decided we had to escape from Said Ababa as soon as possible.

As the Ilyushin began its descent into Addis Ababa, Ram6n sat behind the Russian pilot on the ffight-deck so he had an uninterrupted view of the savage mountainous country ahead.

The young students from Addis Ababa University, trained by their carefully selected mentors, began to march and agitate.

Many of the young army officers were products of Addis Ababa University, and they led the mutiny of the Army.