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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ab \Ab\ ([a^]b), n. [Of Syriac origin.] The fifth month of the Jewish year according to the ecclesiastical reckoning, the eleventh by the civil computation, coinciding nearly with August.
--W. Smith. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. (context informal English) abdominal muscle. (Mid 20th century.)(R:SOED5: page=2) Etymology 2

n. (context slang English) An abscess caused by injecting an illegal drug, usually heroin. Etymology 3

adv. (abbreviationabout) n. (abbreviationabortion) prep. (abbreviationabout) vb. (abbreviationabort) Etymology 4

n. (context US English) The early stages of; the beginning process; the start.


AB, Ab, or ab may refer to:

Ab (Semitic)

Ab or Av (ʾĀḇ; related to Akkadianabu), sometimes Aba or Abba, means " father" in most Semitic languages.

Ab (cuneiform)

The cuneiformab, and ap sign, (in the Akkadian language world, 'b' is unaspirated, formed with the lips, and 'p' is "aspirated"-( aspirated consonant, with the breath)) is the cuneiform sign used for the syllables ab, or ap, or the vowel and consonant usages of a, b, or p. In the Akkadian language b-and-p are interchangeable; also in cuneiform texts, any vowel of the a, e, i, u (no "o" in Akkadian) can be interchanged with another. Also for the 'ab/ap' sign, there is a capital letter ( majuscule) usage as a sumerogram, found in the Epic of Gilgamesh for AB, Akkadian language for šību, "elder".

In the corpus of the Amarna letters, which is another common use place for 'ab/ap', the name of some of the authors of letters to the Pharaoh, are for example Labaya, and Ayyab. In both cases the use is syllabic for ab.

The usage numbers for the "ab" cuneiform sign in the twelve, Tablets I-XII, of the Epic of Gilgamesh, are as follows: ab-(11), ap-(28), and sumerogram AB-(12); for "šību", Akkadian language for elder, only two spellings use "AB"; six other spelliings of "šību" are syllabic/alphabetic.

Usage examples of "ab".

Herrn Seebeck die Enthebung aus seinem Amte mitgeteilt, die er aber ignoriert.

Er hetzte weiter, ohne auf die Kleider zu achten, die zerfetzten, oder auf die Haut, die mit abging.

abenteuers wie auch vor Bewunderung seiner Tapferkeit, doch nie wandte sie ein Auge von dem Kind ab.

Er wandte seine Augen von jenen blauen Augen ab, in denen die Hoffnung starb.

Korkziehergang, ganz so, als statte der Specht vormittags ihrem Wohnbaum einen Besuch ab.

She licked her lips and dropped her gaze, only to be seduced by his washboard abs.

Sturzflug ab, in einem letzten, verzweifelten Geschwindigkeitsausbruch, entsetzt nach einem Spalt in den Klippen ausschauend, um sich darin zu bergen, nach einem winzigen Ort, wohin ihr kein Raubvogel folgen konnte.

Sie warf das regenbogenfarbene Laken ab, und Ihre Haut leuchtete wie der Mond.

I can find out who Martin Albers was and why Max Abs was willing to pay for his headstone I might be on my way to establishing why Abs thought it necessary to kill Pichler before he spoke to me.

Le juego lo que quiera que abren la boca cuando me vean llegar en el camioncito.

They were sweating, these bodybuilt young men, and the mighty LumeNex lights brought out their traps, lats, delts, pecs, abs, and obliques in glossy high definition, especially when it came to the black players.

Under the tortured Lycra-blend orange fabric, the topography of monstrous lats, delts, abs and pecs was clearly visible.

The division of the first Decan of the Virgin, Aben Ezra says, represents a beautiful Virgin with flowing hair, sitting in a chair, with two ears of corn in her hand, and suckling an infant.

Until 1999, when ABS headquarters relocated to Houston, the company had more than 130 workers in Tower One.

Grabbing the zipper of his wetsuit, he pulled it down, opening an arrow of tanned, muscled chest, abs and belly until his long cock leaped from the opening like a hungry animal.