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AAT or Aat may refer to:

Aat (queen)

Aat (“The Great One”) was a queen of the ancient Egyptian 12th dynasty. Of all the wives of Amenemhat III, only her name is known to modern archaeology with any certainty.

Usage examples of "aat".

Although it was lying fairly Aat, the blob was slightly larger than a human being, and it had spread across the bridge in a pile of steaming ooze.

Gospel fountain, weshes all his sins away, and brings him aat a bron new man.

Chapters CXLIX and CL give the names of the Fourteen Aats, or districts, of the Kingdom of Osiris.

In abrupt fury, Bickel pulled the master override stop from his core switch, jammed a set of jumper jacks across the AAT controls, opened the core system for standard reference comparison.