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The Collaborative International Dictionary

aas \aas\ n. 1. a loose sleeveless outer garment made from aba cloth; worn by Arabs. overgarment, outer garment


Aas or AAS may refer to:

  • Aas (surname)
  • Aas, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, a village in France
Aas (surname)

Aas or Ås may refer to:

  • Alexander Aas (born 1978), Norwegian football defender
  • Alf-Jørgen Aas (1915–1981), Norwegian painter
  • Arto Aas (born 1980), Estonian politician
  • Berit Ås (born 1928), Norwegian politician
  • Einar Jan Aas (born 1955), Norwegian footballer
  • Kätlin Aas (born 1992), Estonian model
  • Karl Aas (1899–1943), Norwegian gymnast
  • Nils Aas (1933–2004), Norwegian sculptor
  • Per Almar Aas (born 1929), Norwegian politician
  • Roald Aas (1928–2012), Norwegian speed skater and cyclist
  • Thomas Aas (1887–1961), Norwegian sailboat racer

Usage examples of "aas".

The armada had reached Maitreya's World earlier than expected, and might arrive at Aasen before the Commos were ready.