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alt. An Omotic language spoken in Ethiopia. n. An Omotic language spoken in Ethiopia.

Aari (actor)

Aari is an Indian film actor who has appeared in Tamil language films. He made his feature film debut in Rettaisuzhi (2010) produced by director Shankar, before having a breakthrough performance as Murugan in Nedunchaalai (2014). Aari has also played an pivotal role in the supernatural thriller Maya (2015).

Usage examples of "aari".

Only at certain intervals are there connecting ladders between the time and place Aari occupies and our own time and space.

I've labeled the intersections between Aari and us in this interaction.

There was an Aari feeling to those dots, and she just suddenly knew that he had returned.

It was unmistakably Aari, though he looked more erect and confident, and his horn was beautiful and gleaming, unbent, no longer stunted, just as it had been in her dream back on Makahomia.

And what was worse was that it felt as if, somewhere in his voyages in time, the Aari she knew and loved had melted away to be replaced with this… this… infuriating stranger.

Even worse yet, her own Aari had cooperated in the destruction of the person he had been.

Maati had been born after Aari and Laarye were stranded on Vhiliinyar, where Laarye had starved to death while he lay injured in a cave and Aari had been captured and tortured by the Khleevi.

After Aari was rescued, he and Maati had helped to save their parents, and now they had their other brother back.

Maati loved Aari, of course, but she naturally did not know him as Acorna did — or had.

Sounds to me like Aari is suffering from a bad case of mistaken identity — he doesn't know who the heck he is.

I suppose he'll have to figure that out on his own, though," Acorna said, thinking that the problem from her point of view was more that Aari didn't know who she was.

Perhaps the new — perhaps Aari can help me with some of the insights he has gained into its process while time-traveling with his friend.

I can't help but believe there must be a way to regain my Aari without losing Laarye or making Aari undergo Khleevi torture again.

He shifted his weight from one foot to the other for a moment, then said, "If you want to wait out here, I'll just go in and say hi to Aari — even if he probably doesn't remember me.

But still her spirits sank as the new Aari beamed brightly down at her.