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Aall may refer to:

  • Anathon Aall (1867–1943), Norwegian academic
  • Hans J. C. Aall (1806–1894), Norwegian politician
  • Jacob Aall (1773–1844), Norwegian historian and statesman
  • Jørgen Aall (1771–1833), Norwegian ship-owner and politician
  • Nicolai Benjamin Aall (1739–1798), Norwegian ship-owner and businessman
  • Niels Aall (1769–1854), Norwegian estate owner, businessman and politician
Aall (Norwegian family)

Aall is a prominent Norwegian family, originally from Aal in Jutland ( Denmark). The family's oldest known ancestor is Søren Nielsen, who was a peasant in Aal until 1534, when he lost his farm. The family immigrated to Norway in 1714 with Niels Aall the older, who became a merchant and ship-owner in Porsgrunn. The family was part of the Patriciate of Norway from the 18th century.